image of a bottle of 80s revival
​80's Revival
4.4% ABV

This one is all about the malt, in fact it has 6 different types of malt. The unique blend of malts give it a biscuity, toffee, caramel and butterscotch flavour. Finished with a dash of hops to balance the sweetness with a touch of bitter.
image of a bottle of baby badger
Baby Badger
4.4% ABV

The lighter version of our pale ales. The majority of the flavour comes from the mix of galaxy and citra hops. Galaxy provides the bitterness while lots of citra leave you with a zesty aromas. The distinct hop flavour comes from the addition of our hops at low temperatures at the very last minutes of the boil.
image of a bottle of full spectrum
Full Spectrum
​4.4% ABV

A dark, rich stout combining lots of rich roasted malts. Roasted barley and the chocolate malt give coffee and bitter chocolate flavours to this beer, while the crystal malts give a little sweetness in the background
image of a bottle of source code
Source Code
5.6% ABV

The stronger more robust version of our Baby Badger, this IPA packs more golden promise and dark crystal malt to make it stronger and sweeter. We add our hops at a low temperatures to ramp up the citrus flavours
image of a bottle of emperors new clothes
Emperor's New Clothes
6.2% ABV

Our take on the modern New England India Pale ale style. Strong and very juicy. Lots of early dry hopping with Citra and Chinook hops give this beer a noticeable sharpness a flavour of ripe stone fruit.
image of a bottle of milestone clip
4% ABV

A cask only light session golden ale. Dry hopped with citra and chinook hops to produce light ctrus flavours.